Test Your pH Level – How To Get A Healthy pH Balance

As we’ve said before on here, when considering your body’s health, the most important thing you can do is test your pH level. A healthy body will have a healthy neutral-ish ph level, the correlation doesn’t quite work in reverse however. If you’re unhealthy, your pH can still temporarily be at a healthy level due to your body rapidly burning through reserves of buffer materials. These buffer materials help to maintain your body’s pH levels, so they don’t get to acidic or, more rarely, too alkaline. To properly gauge how temporary these “healthy” pH levels are, you need to test regularly. Every morning upon waking, every evening before bed, before meals, and 30-45 minutes after meals, every time you urinate etc. This will allow you to get a proper gauge of your body’s general pH levels and how they fluctuate in regards to your behaviour.

Test Your pH Level - Warning Acid

Test Your pH Level – Warning Acid

The health problems arise when you put your body under acidic stresses (such as a harsh diet or emotional stress, or smoking etc), without replenishing these buffers from a proper diet or ionized water. In these instances, your body will begin leeching the buffer materials from your bones and nerves in order to try and protect itself overall. This can be linked to when the acid content of soda consumed causes increase in the risks of arthritis or osteoporosis.

At its core, you basically just need to restore the materials these buffers are made of to your body, and many of your problems can fix themselves.

Test Your pH Level – What You NEED To Do To Get A Healthy pH Balance

1.) Get our free test kit by contacting us through our form here.

2.) Get into a regular routine of testing your body often as outlined above.

3.) Use the kit to test your water’s pH level. Litmus strips can also be used to test the pH of various foods.

4.) Cut the junk from your diet; no more soda pop, candy, fast food, sports drinks, canned juice, coffee, etc.

5.) Confirm with your local medical professional about lowering your carbohydrate intake, and also work on lowering the Glycemic Index of the carbs you do take in. Adopting a diet designed for people with type 2 diabetics can do wonders for your body’s pH levels but also for weight-loss since that’s what they’re designed for.

6.) The final and most crucial step, consult with us about getting a water ionizer. We have the best quality units for the best prices and AMAZINGLY reasonable payment plans, ask about financing. We even rent them out too. These units not only ionize and mineralize your water, they also filter it of various chemicals and pathogens.

So check it all out and get yourself healthy!

Test Your pH Level – Alkaline Ionized Water

The first thing you should do after you Test Your pH Level is get some Alkaline Ionized Water. Alkaline Ionized Water is water that’s been made more alkaline by adding ionized minerals to it such as phosphorus, calcium, or magnesium. This increases the pH level of the water to make it more basic as opposed to acidic. It can also serve to supplement your mineral levels in this regard so as to not have your body begin leaching calcium from your bones for example.

Test Your pH Level

Test Your pH Level

One of the best, and cheapest ways to get this water is through an installed water ionizer. You can find great ionizers for AMAZING prices here at Wellness Water Products. These ionizers filter bacteria, viruses, and chemicals from your water, and re-mineralize it with these special ionized minerals. They also offer a free pH testing kit for you and your family. So check them out, get a free testing kit to Test Your pH level, and see about getting a great source for Alkaline Ionized Water.

Test Your pH Level – How to Alkalize Your Body

One of the reasons you looked up Test Your pH Level to get here, was probably because you wanted to know How to Alkalize Your Body once you knew your pH levels. There are several ways to do this. Some of which we’ve covered on this site before, but we’ll go over them again for new readers.

Test Your pH Level – Changing Your Diet

The diet changes you make to improve you pH level are pretty simple to make and are actually fairly commonly repeated. Stop eating so much processed food: Many components of processed food are terrible for your body and pH levels.Eat more naturally, regularly test your pH level and watch your health and pH improve.

pH Chart

pH Chart

Cut back on your sugar. Sugar is acidic and bad for your pH, insulin levels, weight, and health. Cut down on your total intake, and for the sugar you do eat, try to keep it of a low Glycemic Index. Do this and your health and pH will get better.

Cut back on your calories. Too many people these days eat far too much. Habitual over-eating is terrible for your digestion, metabolism, sleeping, blood sugar, energy levels, and cognitive abilities. The constant digestion makes sure your stomach acids always stay high and of a low pH; not good.

Test Your pH Level – Drink Ionized Water

Ionized water is water that contains elements that have ionic charges: magnesium, potassium, calcium. You can normally (and very cheaply) get large amounts of ionized water by purchasing a personal ionizer for your house. Wellness Water Products has ionizers that filter any impurities, negative elements, and so on from your tap water. It also ionizes and mineralizes the water in addition to purifying it.

Drinking water, even just regular water, is good for your health and pH levels if it’s free of impurities, chances are however that your tap water is contaminated with chlorine and fluoride, 2 elements consistent with bad health and high body pH. So if you’re interested in clean, healthful water, check them out here. They also have free pH testing kits that you can get here to test your pH level.

Test Your pH Level – Testing pH and Dealing With Water in Emergency Situations

Lately in the news there’s been lots of talk of natural disasters and worldwide political turmoil; how does this relate to wanting to Test Your pH Level? I’m glad you asked. When considering preparation for natural disaster the first thing to come to mind, depending on where you live, is earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes,  floods and wild fires. While all of those are very real, chances are most of us will not encounter anything of that nature. The problem most of us will face is the declining quality of our existing water supply, and the health issues that come along with that.

Threats to our drinking water are becoming more serious due to increased population and more industry. There are plenty of people in government who, along with citizen groups, are working together to protect drinking water in your area, if you go to this site, http://www.sourcewatercollaborative.org/ you will be able to find links to various organizations and tools to help you get involved.

Test Your pH Level – Drinking Water Sources and Potential Problems

Our drinking water comes from lakes, streams, rivers and aquifers (these sources give the impression that you should Test Your pH Level regularly) and these groups work very hard to protect them, and as a group they have more clout to change rules and laws to enact that protection. When you are managing large groups of people and resources it makes sense to go with the plans that tend to help the majority of people, even if it ends up hurting some of the other people. If you are in the second group, then what do you do? What options do we have as individuals, to protect our families and ourselves from potential problems?

Well we can buy bottled water but in the long that is a lot of money down the drain (pardon the pun). Filtration systems can be another option for you. While some people could consider them to

Test Your pH Level

Test Your pH Level

be expensive, and you have to continue to buy filters, in reality this is probably the best option. Buy the best one you can afford to make sure that you get the most protection for your family that you can.

What if something happened and there wasn’t any water at your tap and you had to go with rain water? Or your tap water was contaminated with something? Would you have any alternative water sources? You could boil water to clean it but that is very energy costly, takes a long time, and doesn’t actually remove many of the bad elements, just kills them or breaks them down. The big picture groups just cannot protect you on a grass roots level from things like incursions; where perhaps a backhoe digs up a water main and reduces the pressure so much that water from industry or farms can back-flow into the system and contaminate it. Although they try, their solution to that is chlorine or chloramines. (go here for more info http://water.epa.gov/lawsregs/rulesregs/sdwa/mdbp/chloramines_index.cfm).

Chlorine will make water more alkaline and can sanitize it, but it’s also a poison that growing numbers of people are developing more and more sensitivity to (it’s also not even close to being a total solution). An ionizer filter system can not only remove the bad things that chlorine doesn’t, it removes the chlorine as well, AND balances the water’s pH level to improve your health (you can Test Your pH Level to check your potential health using our free kit). It also re-mineralizes the water with healthy minerals.

Test Your pH Level – Storing Water Isn’t Realistic

You will need to think about your situation. Are you able to store bottles of water? How many people in your family and how much water will you need to store? Is rain water accessible to you? How clean is it? Will you need a filtering device, if so what type? Remember, people need to drink 2 litres of water PER DAY to stay healthy in these situations; a filtration system is truly your best bet along with the ability to Test Your pH Level.

I was hoping that this article would spark a dialogue with people regarding their water sources and the healthfulness of those sources. Since it is somewhat abundant here we tend to take water for granted. I don’t want to come across as a doom-sayer but it is a smart decision to look after such a vital necessity of life.

Perhaps you should consider this another sort of insurance policy, just like car and house insurance and the other things you do to protect your health and that of your family, things like using seatbelts and bike helmets. So why not add this to your list of insurance policies or maybe call it an assurance policy, to assure your family is protected. Another insurance policy is to regularly Test Your pH Level, which you can do for FREE here.

Test Your pH Level – 3 Ways To Test Your pH Level

Mild fluctuations in your body’s pH level are normal and that is why you need to use one of the several ways to test your pH level for a clear understanding of your health status. Just like a swimming pool, your body is made of water so it is upon you to maintain a balanced pH and the only way to do so is by determining the status of your pH. By monitoring your pH level over a period of time, you can note any patterns of acidity or alkalinity levels in your body and thus find the best remedy to correct this imbalance. If you are looking for ways to test your pH level here are three ways to go about it.

Test Your pH Level – Take a Blood Test

One of the most effective ways to test your pH level is going for a blood sample test from a reputable physician. The phlebologist then conducts a live cell microscopy assay to acquire your body’s pH level. The blood of a healthy human being is supposed to maintain a pH level ranging from 7.35 to 7.45. Any value below or above this range may mean negative health. Though taking

Test Your pH Level

Test Your pH Level

a blood test is the most accurate way to determine your pH, it usually is an expensive and time consuming activity. Thus, it is not the best option if you intend to monitor your pH level over a specific time period.

Test Your pH Level – Measure your Saliva

It is recommended that you perform the saliva test in the morning right after waking up before consuming anything or brushing your teeth when you test your pH level in this way. Start by swallowing all the saliva in your mouth. Now draw up fresh saliva and swallow. Do this two more times as you prepare your plastic or paper strip. When you draw-up saliva for the third time, spit it onto the strip and immediately take note of the color on the strip and its value on the color chart to obtain the pH value.

According to medical experts, the optimum saliva pH after waking up should range between 6.2 and 6.8. This value then moves up towards alkaline levels (7.2 to 7.4) during the day.
The only down side about this technique is that saliva’s pH can be easily altered even by the meal you had before the test.

It should also be noted that even though the paper strip is not toxic, it is advisable not to put it in your mouth.

Test Your pH Level – Urine

The urine test is one of the best ways to test your pH level especially if you are in need of a relatively accurate reading. Upon waking up, as you go for your first “short-call” wait till you are half way done then quickly wet your strip (paper or plastic) and immediately compare the color on your strip to the one on the pH color chart.

To obtain accurate result, your observation speed will play a big role. This is because pHydrion (the material used to make the test paper strips) enhances evaporation and if you delay, the color may change leading to biased results.
The optimum urine pH should range between 6.2 and 6.8.

In closing, you need to understand that taking just one pH test is not enough to conclude what your body pH test is. Various factors like stress, the food you eat as well as daily activities affect pH levels. Therefore, it is best to use either of the above ways with this free kit to test your pH level several times a day for at least 4 days just to be sure.

Test Your pH Level – Ways to Restore Your pH Balance Though Lifestyle and Diet Changes

After you test your pH level, looking for ways to restore your pH balance is very important. If your body is either too alkaline or acidic, it starts breaking down leading to sickness or death. In order to know your body’s pH level, you should use a test paper to measure it. You can get this test paper for free from this very website. You should then follow the directions of measuring pH using the test paper. This involves taking a sample of your urine or saliva.
A normal pH reading is about 7.356. Your body works best when the pH is slightly alkaline. The food that we consume is mainly acidic and you need to alkalize your body to restore your pH balance. The following are the surefire ways to restore your pH balance.

Test Your pH Level – Restoring pH By Drinking Alkaline Water

The pH balance of water is determined by the minerals it contains and how it is processed. Alkaline water has a sweet flavor that is almost non existent. You can choose to buy an ionizer or shop for ionized water that has added minerals, however buying an ionizer is the most cost effective way to go. After testing your pH level, you should then start alkalizing your body gradually by taking ionized water in place of other beverages. Eliminate beverages like black tea, coffee, pre-packaged juices and all other beverages that contain caffeine or sweeteners. You can also alkalize your water by adding alkaline products to it. These products are readily available at drug stores.

Testing Your pH Level – Restoring pH Through Food

Increase the consumption of alkaline rich foods while reducing the consumption of acid forming foods after testing your pH level.

Your goal should be to consume about 20% acidic and neutral foods and 80% alkalizing foods. Alkaline forming foods include green leafy vegetables, sprouts, kamut grass, garlic, radish, soy products, avocado and tomatoes. Acidic foods include pork, beef, hard cheese, veal, peanuts,

Test Your pH Level

Test Your pH Level

white bread, white sugar, artificial sweeteners, and coffee among others. Most fruits are considered to be pH neutral and you should consume them in moderation. Whenever possible, you should consume raw or flash frozen fruits. The best way to cook vegetables is by baking, steaming or blanching them.

The way you cook your food has an effect on your body. To achieve the best results, you should avoid frying, barbecuing, sautéing or any other food preparation methods that cause browning. Instead, you should prepare food by steaming, boiling, poaching or baking it lightly in covered dishes. Avoid consuming carbohydrates and proteins at the same time. Eat vegetables either with your meat or grains. You can serve seeds and nuts with any items from any food group. Ideally, you should eat fruits in the morning, meats at night and carbohydrates in the afternoon.

Developing healthy digestive habits is another example of the best ways to restore your pH balance. This involves eating smaller meals such as five or six meals a day, eating slowly, chewing completely and finishing before you feel full. You can also take probiotics and digestive enzymes to aid digestion. You should also consume adequate amounts of fiber since it helps to eliminate toxins. And regularly test your pH level.

Test Your pH Level – Exercise regularly and reduce stress

Exercising regularly will also help you restore your pH balance, most doctors recommend a half hour to 45 minutes daily at least. Another thing to do is to reduce stress in your life. Stress disrupts the body’s acid-alkaline balance, partly because of issues with hormones.

These are all good ways to restore your pH balance and as you follow them, make sure that you test your pH level daily to monitor your progress; Click here for a free ph testing kit..

Test Your pH Level – Reasons To Do It

There are many reasons to test your pH level. On the pH scale, which ranges from 0 (acidic) to 14 (alkaline), the water you drink and use for all sorts of everyday endeavours should be between 6.5 and 8.5 in order to make it safe to use and consume. The consumption of water with a pH that is too far up or down that scale can seriously affect your health and those of other living organisms.

Test Your pH Level – Acidic Drinks

One of the reasons to test your pH level is the fact that especially the consumption of acidic water is very harmful. Nutritionists keep telling us to stop having sodas and switch to water instead. Sodas are highly acidic and therefore create acidity in your body. Now if you prefer water to sodas, you

Test Your pH Level

Test Your pH Level

have certainly made a good choice – provided your water is not acidic. Acidity of water results in a myriad of different problems, such as heartburn and gastro-esophageal reflux disease, which, when untreated, leads to esophageal cancer. Doctors estimate that 40% of Americans suffer from GERD. Another problem caused by the consumption of acidic drinks and a reason to test your pH may eventually be osteoporosis as our body has to work hard to balance out acidity. In order to do so, it will draw calcium from your bones. Therefore, having acidic water over years may actually result in a broken hip or similar injuries. In addition to that, the consumption of acidic water can be responsible for increased aggression in people.

Test Your pH Level – Alkaline Water and Acidic Food

Another important reason to test your pH level is that doctors reckon that slightly alkaline water may be beneficial to your health. It may, for example, be used to help fight cancer. But even before illnesses occur, it can be used to help your body to balance out acidity that is necessarily caused by the predominant eating habits in today’s Western world. Even if we don’t have sodas and highly acidic drinks, we eat too many acidic foods, such as meat and dairy, and too little alkaline foods, such as fruit and vegetables. Now it is not a good idea to remove all animal products from the menu altogether. A much better approach is to test your pH level and first of all, make sure your water is not acidic, too. Together with your doctor or nutritionist, you may then work out where on the pH scale your water should be. You can then take action in order to improve your water’s pH.
While your health is one of the most important reasons to test your pH, it is also vital to know if your water is OK if you have an aquarium. A pH level between 7 and 8 is ideal for most fish. Only few fish can survive in water with a pH level below 7. If your water ranges at extreme pH levels of 3.5 or lower or 9.5 or higher, no matter how much work and loving care you put in your aquarium, all fish will inevitably die. So one of the reasons to test your pH is if you encounter problems with your aquarium.

You see, the consumption of or exposure to water with pH levels below 6.5 or above 8.5 can be very harmful for you, your family and your pets. Water is all around us and we consume it in vast amounts every day. So before we wonder if our eating habits are healthy or similar, we should check that our water is OK! Your health and safety is one of the most obvious reasons to test your pH level which you can do for free at that link.