Test Your pH Level – Ways to Restore Your pH Balance Though Lifestyle and Diet Changes

After you test your pH level, looking for ways to restore your pH balance is very important. If your body is either too alkaline or acidic, it starts breaking down leading to sickness or death. In order to know your body’s pH level, you should use a test paper to measure it. You can get this test paper for free from this very website. You should then follow the directions of measuring pH using the test paper. This involves taking a sample of your urine or saliva.
A normal pH reading is about 7.356. Your body works best when the pH is slightly alkaline. The food that we consume is mainly acidic and you need to alkalize your body to restore your pH balance. The following are the surefire ways to restore your pH balance.

Test Your pH Level – Restoring pH By Drinking Alkaline Water

The pH balance of water is determined by the minerals it contains and how it is processed. Alkaline water has a sweet flavor that is almost non existent. You can choose to buy an ionizer or shop for ionized water that has added minerals, however buying an ionizer is the most cost effective way to go. After testing your pH level, you should then start alkalizing your body gradually by taking ionized water in place of other beverages. Eliminate beverages like black tea, coffee, pre-packaged juices and all other beverages that contain caffeine or sweeteners. You can also alkalize your water by adding alkaline products to it. These products are readily available at drug stores.

Testing Your pH Level – Restoring pH Through Food

Increase the consumption of alkaline rich foods while reducing the consumption of acid forming foods after testing your pH level.

Your goal should be to consume about 20% acidic and neutral foods and 80% alkalizing foods. Alkaline forming foods include green leafy vegetables, sprouts, kamut grass, garlic, radish, soy products, avocado and tomatoes. Acidic foods include pork, beef, hard cheese, veal, peanuts,

Test Your pH Level

Test Your pH Level

white bread, white sugar, artificial sweeteners, and coffee among others. Most fruits are considered to be pH neutral and you should consume them in moderation. Whenever possible, you should consume raw or flash frozen fruits. The best way to cook vegetables is by baking, steaming or blanching them.

The way you cook your food has an effect on your body. To achieve the best results, you should avoid frying, barbecuing, sautéing or any other food preparation methods that cause browning. Instead, you should prepare food by steaming, boiling, poaching or baking it lightly in covered dishes. Avoid consuming carbohydrates and proteins at the same time. Eat vegetables either with your meat or grains. You can serve seeds and nuts with any items from any food group. Ideally, you should eat fruits in the morning, meats at night and carbohydrates in the afternoon.

Developing healthy digestive habits is another example of the best ways to restore your pH balance. This involves eating smaller meals such as five or six meals a day, eating slowly, chewing completely and finishing before you feel full. You can also take probiotics and digestive enzymes to aid digestion. You should also consume adequate amounts of fiber since it helps to eliminate toxins. And regularly test your pH level.

Test Your pH Level – Exercise regularly and reduce stress

Exercising regularly will also help you restore your pH balance, most doctors recommend a half hour to 45 minutes daily at least. Another thing to do is to reduce stress in your life. Stress disrupts the body’s acid-alkaline balance, partly because of issues with hormones.

These are all good ways to restore your pH balance and as you follow them, make sure that you test your pH level daily to monitor your progress; Click here for a free ph testing kit..

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